‘No Space for Peace of Mind’’

Progressed from

Simon Balle School — A-levels


After researching more on the climate crisis, I was feeling pretty worried, and wanted to know how other people dealt with their climate anxiety. So I asked my friends family and colleagues and recorded their answers. This is what you can hear. The words embroidered across the dress are a mix of quotes from the interviews and statistics from books, as well as strings of my own thoughts and song lyrics that I was thinking about at the time. The words images and voices overlap and spiral obscuring each other into a mess just like thoughts do, becoming something else before I’ve worked out where they were going to begin with.

My dress is made from naturally dyed cotton, with screen prints, applique, embroidery and dried petals and beads at the hem.

Vocals and guitar provided by Amber Clarke.


Sheffield Hallam University — BSc (Hons) Biology

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