‘The Beekeeping Industry’’

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Chauncy School — A-levels


Bees are considered to be one of the most essential assets to our planet and with a decline in the honeybee population, I wanted to investigate this further. As a result of my study, my outcome is a triptych of three celebrity portraits manipulated to create the illusion of a seamless image. However upon closer look, a honeycomb motif, which was hand cut, is captured through negative relief. All three are significant bee advocates as Morgan Freeman is the owner of a 126-acre ranch full of hives, Scarlett Johansson uses harmless practices to collect raw honey from a personal beehive and Tyler, The Creator used both his music and clothing label to spread the message of ‘Save the bees’. Each individual hexagon represents approximately 10,000,000,000 bees lost in the world in the past decade. With there being 60 total hexagons, this equates to approximately 600,000,000,000 dead bees due to climate change, pesticides and harmful practices. One of the aims of my work is to encourage people to buy locally sourced honey that is produced using the safer handling methods of bees, with the bees’ lives being prioritised over the product.


Chelsea College of Art & Design — BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication

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