Foundation Diploma

Emily Maguire 

‘The ideological state of mind’

Progressed from

The Nobel School — A-Levels  


“Like a pandemic we transmit oppressive ideals and norms to our loved ones in hope that they accept their pre- determined place in society, 

but when they resist their oppression we resent and condemn them as we see them as corrupt individuals as oppose to a corrupt nation.”  

quote from painting formed by me 

My painting is based around criticism and risk, often taking on matters within a social climate that can be either improved or changed.  

This piece represents both the implicit and explicit control within our society today. Within the past few months, we have had to deal with being confined and controlled due to a global pandemic, and many are struggling to cope with it. However, people forget that we are controlled everyday through ideology, brainwashing us to accept our pre-determined place in society. This is often more prevalent among socially oppressed groups such as women and ethnic minorities.  


University of Brighton — BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting

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