Foundation Diploma



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Hertford Regional College — UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design (Fine Art)


This image is a scan of two casts I made from wax. I started by building a supporting wall of clay with a block of pure gelatine placed inside. I then proceeded to pour hot wax into the mould, subsequently the heat from the wax melted the gelatine due to the sugar in the jelly. When the wax had set and retained the shape of the gelatine blocks the remaining jelly poured out of the square caverns and left residue on the set wax and on the paper surface underneath. 
These works are the last thing I had made before an abrupt end to the natural course of production of art this foundation year, which is why I think they are appropriate to conclude my body of work. They show the current state of my exploration with casting as my chosen medium. This image is how I’ve chosen to translate my flaneur style, built from numerous sketchbooks, found objects and experiences. 


Full-Time Employment 

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