Foundation Diploma


‘An unlikely friendship’ 

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Hertford Regional College — UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design (Animation)


This project is by far the most difficult one yet but I have loved every second of it as it has pushed me to make my best animation yet. My animation is about 2 friends a Demon called Raziel and an Angel called Yuna who were separated as children by humans whose technology has overpowered the gods and underworld and are now making each other fight in an arena for entertainment. Raziel on the other hand plans to escape with Yuna to heaven where they will be safe but she is shot and Yuna gives her life power to heal Raziel to send her to heaven, ending when Raziel has made it and stands by Yuna’s memorial where she cries and makes a flower bloom by her grave indicating maybe a sequel to where she could bring Yuna back.


University of Hertfordshire — BA (Hons) in 2D Animation and Character design

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