Foundation Diploma


‘Polymer Perspective’  

Progressed from

Presdales School — A-Levels


My piece is made up of plastic bottles. A reminder to all that tonnes of it enters our oceans each year and to make matters worse, plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose. To put a thousand years into perspective that’s generations of us. Your children , your grandchildren and so on. Time and it’s value  has been put into perspective for many of us I’m sure especially during this uncertain period where time has suddenly and unexpectedly come to an end for many. We are all learning to appreciate what we have and the time we have but none of this truly matters if we don’t take care of our ‘home’ and our surroundings. I made flowers from the plastic bottles to simply demonstrate the ‘beauty’ that we don’t always take the time to see in the simple things we have around us. I decided not to paint them as I wanted to express  how raw and honest this truth is.  


Birmingham City university — BA (Hons) in Fashion Business and Promotion

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